Forget TSA pat-downs: Drive a flying car!

Missionary's son invents 'Maverick' to boldly go where no auto has gone before

Steve Saint says the Maverick which can do 0-60 mph in 3.9 seconds on the ground, is certified by the Federal Aviation Association for flights up to 10,000 feet in altitude and can even be equipped with pontoons to traverse water can be used for border patrol, search-and-rescue operations or even flying to dodge the traffic on your way "to Wal-Mart."

But the primary purpose, he says, "is in places where there are no doctors, there are no nurses, there's no hospital." His eventual plan is to sell the Maverick in the commercial market in order to, in turn, make it affordable for humanitarian and missions operations.

Saint drove the Maverick from Dunnellon, Fla., to Oshkosh, Wis. a trip of roughly 1,400 miles to demonstrate the practical use of the car not just in the air, but also on the highway.

Video of his journey can be seen below:



Saint drove to Oshkosh to participate in the Experimental Aircraft Association's annual AirVenture, where hundreds of thousands of aviation enthusiasts gather each summer in the nation's largest private air show.

There he explained to the curious that the Maverick stores its parachute-like wing folded atop the cab and the mast that connects the car to wing underneath the Maverick's carriage. When assembled, all the pilot needs to do is accelerate to 40 mph, and the Maverick lifts off. The controls in air are simply the same steering wheel and foot pedals used on the ground.

"Anybody who can drive an automatic transmission car can fly it," Saint says.

The Maverick is fueled by a 170-hp Subaru engine that gets about 25 mpg on the highway, can reportedly hit 60 mph in under four seconds and has a top road speed exceeding 95 mph. It needs about 150 feet of space to get airborne or land, but once in the sky, can travel at 40 mph for an estimated 2.5 hours.

Another video of the Maverick, showing off the car's off-road capacities as well as its takeoff, can be seen below:

The organization anticipates the first Mavericks will go on sale in summer of 2011
with a base price of approximately $80,000.




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