Escher Gallery

All M.C. Escher works (c) 2006. The M.C. Escher Company BV -
the Netherlands. All rights reserved. Used by permission.

M.C. Escher was a Dutch graphic artist, most recognized for spatial illusions, impossible buildings, repeating geometric patterns (tessellations), and his incredible techniques in woodcutting and lithography. M.C. Escher was born June 1898 and died March 1972. His work continues to fascinate both young and old across a broad spectrum of interests. M.C. Escher was a man studied and greatly appreciated by respected mathematicians, scientists and crystallographers yet he had no formal training in math or science. He was a humble man who considered himself neither an artist or mathematician. Intricate repeating patterns, mathematically complex structures, spatial perspectives all require a "second look".  Links to some of these images, size is listed, downloads will be slow on a dial-up modem.


Another World   195 Kb
Ascending and Descending   226 Kb
Balcony   249 Kb
Belvedere   131 Kb
Bond of Union   119 Kb
Bulldog (tessellation)   286 Kb
Butterfly (tessellation)   173 Kb
Butterfly(circle limit)   229 Kb
Circle Limit III   240 Kb
Circle Limit IV   152 Kb
Concave and Convex    213 Kb
Cycle   241 Kb
Day and Night   308 Kb
Double Planetoid   151 Kb
Dragon   179 Kb
Drawing Hands   166 Kb
Eight Heads (tessellation)   129 Kb
Eye   194 Kb
Fish (tessellation)   136 Kb
Fish and Boats (tessellation)   165 Kb
Hand with Sphere   231 Kb
High and Low   189 Kb
Horsemen (tessellation)   229 Kb
House of Stairs   210 Kn
Knots   133 Kb
Liberation   195 Kb
Lizard / Fish / Bat (tessellation)   368 Kb
Moebius Strip II   527 Kb
Pegasus (tessellation)   208 Kb
Portrait   117 Kb
Print Gallery   244 Kb
Puddle   205 Kb
Relativity   259 Kb
Reptiles   257 Kb
Reptiles (tessellation)   682 Kb
Rind   143 Kb
Rippled Surface   193 Kb
Shells and Starfish (tessellation)   230 Kb
Sky and Water   143 Kb
Smaller and Smaller   304 Kb
Snakes   178 Kb
Stars   228 Kb
Still Life and Street   259 Kb
Study for Stars   159 Kb
Sun and Moon   232 Kb
Three Spheres I   236 Kb
Three Spheres II   102 Kb
Three Worlds   240 Kb
Tower of Babel   190 Kb
Waterfall   266 Kb