Polar Bear Cub - Sooo Cute!

The five-week-old polar bear cub female now being hand-reared in
Nuremberg Zoo is fast turning into a celebrity rivalling Knut.


The bear, called "Flocke" ("Snowflake") by her keepers,
has increased in weight to 2.4 kilos now from 1.7 kilos last week
when the zoo decided to take her away from her restless mother Vera
after another polar bear in the zoo had eaten her own two cubs




Her team of round-the-clock keepers are rubbing her tummy to help her
digest her food and massaging her gums where the first teeth are about to poke out.


She is being bottle-fed 140 milliliters of artificial milk every four hours
and is expected to open her eyes in the next few days.





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